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Summer Training

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Summer Training

A2 Logic Group's instructor-led summer training is a live training by domain expert instructor. The physical presence of both the instructor and the trainee provides an opportunity for face-to-face interaction. This platform facilitates constructive dialogue and allows participants to receive additional guidance. Depending on the eligibility criteria of each course, students and working professionals may enroll themselves for classroom training. Classroom training has been the basis of customer and employee education for years. Many participants learn best and have the great opportunity for retention when they learning from a live instructor in the classroom.


Experience the unrivaled Summer Training program in web design and web development at A2 Logic Group, a prestigious IT training institute known as "The Developer Factory." Our renowned program offers an immersive and hands-on curriculum, equipping you with the essential skills to excel in the industry. With a focus on fostering exceptional development abilities, A2 Logic Group guarantees top-tier training led by industry experts.  Prepare yourself for a prosperous career in web development by enrolling in our highly-regarded IT Summer Training Courses at The Developer Factory today.

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Focused approach

The trainer is the key here. By being attentive to sessions, you can get a focused approach from the trainer. By looking at your body-language as well, an expert trainer can identify if you have a problem and can help you build knowledge and align learning with your goals.

Quick Problem Solving

An interactive session filled with exercises, examples, project-based learning makes a great peer group that facilitates quick problem solving.

Classroom Training Batch Size

The small batch sizes allow the trainer to understand the skill level of each participant and accordingly maintain the correct pace of training from which individuals gain knowledge.

Good Learning Environment

A positive environment is one in which students have a sense of belonging, trust in others, and are encouraged to take on challenges, take risks and ask questions. Groups of individuals with similar professional interests may follow structured learning and benefit from the knowledge and experience of others.

24*7 Learning Process

Evaluating and improving your learning round the clock through provided study materials, training videos, sample assessments, mock tests, and many more.