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Node JS

Are you looking for the great institute for Node JS training course in Jaipur? "A2 Logic Group" offers Node JS training classes with live projects by expert trainers in Jaipur. Our Node JS training program in Jaipur is specifically designed for students, under-graduates, graduates, freelancers and working professionals. We provide end to end learning process of Node JS to create an achievement career for every profile.


What is Node JS?

Node.js is an open-source, server-side platform and cross-runtime environment platform for developing server-side networking applications built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. The Node.js library package ECOSYSTEM and NPM is by far the largest open source user friendly system, Node.js can be run on OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux. On the modern web, the ubiquity of Node.js is hard to ignore. Node.js is an independent and open-source platform, running on JavaScript that allows you to quickly develop web applications.

Node.js is a software platform built on Google's V8 JavaScript engine. It uses an event-driven, non-blocking I / O model and a single-threaded event loop that allows for high throughput and application scalability. Node.js has the ability to code in the same programming language on the front-end and backend of the application due to the use of the main JavaScript language. Node.js developed applications are often combined with MongoDB and Express.js which also use JavaScript. Express.js helps manage the middleware of a node application while MongoDB is a document-based No-SQL database.

The way customers interact with software has changed in recent years. This new approach requires the use of backend applications that are very fast, scalable, and easy to deploy and maintain. All major companies have started moving their applications to Node.js and others are building applications from scratch using the MEAN stack technology. PayPal, Dow Jones and Uber have already put a business Node.js solution into production. As mentioned, Yahoo, HP and many others have planned their next generation products on this MEN stack platform. Hope this helps. Please visit CronJ's website and blog to understand more about AngularJS, Node.js and complete JavaScript techniques.


Why Node JS is becoming so popular?

  • One of the biggest reasons for Node.js to be popular is that it uses JavaScript as the main language for building web applications.
  • Traditional web applications are becoming less rigid and new requirements are being met over time.
  • Node.js is primarily a JavaScript runtime powered by V8, developed by Google for use in Chrome.
  • Another main advantage of Node.js is the re-use of the language. Other web technologies such as spring or ASP.NET | the open-source web framework for .NET requires developers to have knowledge in another language, such as VB.NET, Java, or C #, to write code on the server-side.
  • PayPal uses Node.js, and is reported to double the number of requests per second and reduce response time by 35%.
  • On the other hand, the Wal-Mart, retail giant had a great experience with Node.js in 2013, when they put all their mobile-based traffic through Node.js on Black Friday, the busiest shopping time of the year.
  • Traditionally built applications become less adaptive and rigid over time as new requirements are fed. Eventually, they begin to fear under the strain for which they were not made. However, it is comparatively easy to develop new services using Node.js.


Importance of Node JS?

Node.js software is designed to allow the creation of web servers and networking tools with the use of JavaScript and a collection of modules, capable of handling a aesthetic of core functions. Node.js' modules reduce the complexity of writing server applications using their APIs. This software is supported on macOS, Windows 7 and Linux. It is mainly used to create network programs. Node.js is highly valued in the era of responsive web.

In just over a decade, the software managed to attract large companies. Some of these names are include Groupon, Netflix, LinkedIn, IBM, Voxer, SAP, Paypal, Walmart, and many more. It just goes to show people confidence in this device. Netflix is one of the largest companies that uses Node.js because according to them, it reduces build time and allows user customization. There is so much success with Node.js that they are now planning to move the data access layer for this.