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Are you looking for the great institute for Vue JS training course in Jaipur? "A2 Logic Group" offers Vue JS training classes with live projects by expert trainers in Jaipur. Our Vue JS training program in Jaipur is specifically designed for students, under-graduates, graduates, freelancers and working professionals. We provide end to end learning process of Vue JS to create an achievement career for every profile.


What is Vue JS?

Vue JS is a JavaScript framework used for web development and consists of various tools used to build user interfaces. Vue JS is a open-source framework that is also used to build single-page applications. It is used in front-end development. It is mostly preferred over Angular and React because of its 'high-decoupling' feature. Due to this feature, all functionalities are easily extended and all parts work efficiently when more modules are added. You can meet your demand for rich and advanced web and app development using Vue JS. Anyone can easily learn Vue JS and it is lightweight and flexible.

Vue JS uses virtual DOMs along with other well-known frameworks such as React, Amber, and more. None of the modifications you initiate are made directly within the DOM. A replica of the DOM, created as a JavaScript data structure, is created. If changes are required, they are introduced into the JavaScript of the data structure, then compared to the initial data structure, after the final modifications are introduced to the actual DOM where users can see them. This approach is convenient from an optimization point of view because it does not require any significant resources and every necessary change is made and a fast path is introduced. It is one of the popular frameworks to simplify web development. Vue JS works mostly with the presentation layer. It can be easily integrated into large projects for border development.


Benefits of Vue JS?

  • Small size.
  • Virtual DOM rendering and performance.
  • Reactive Two-Way Data Binding.
  • Single-file components and readability.
  • Integration capabilities and flexibility.
  • Solid tooling ecosystem.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Brief documentation.


Importance of Vue JS?

Detailed and well-organized documentation attracted the attention of software experts. Now, there are different resources about Vue.js development uploaded to different websites. VU is a great solution when deciding to start working with one of the JS frameworks: switching it from jQuery is quite painless. Vue.js showcases a rich ecosystem with vast opportunities for front-end development. The ecosystem allows for sharing of questions and comments. Additionally, it makes it possible to create extensions, add comments, etc.

The Vue.js community grows, so does the number of skilled and confident contributors. Interestingly, each of them is a motivated professional passionate about Vue success. We believe that motivated contributors are an integral part of reaching the top positions. Additionally, the ability to use Vue.js for mobile application development should be discussed to draw a complete picture. As our research shows, Vue contributors currently have no plans to create an official mobile solution. However, in combination with other tools and technologies such as Framework 7 or VEX for hybrid or native app development, VU finds its application for mobile application development.

The current version of Vue offers great opportunities for service-side rendering. It is described in the documentation in details and is highly useful for SEO improvement when launching a single page app.