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Campus Training

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Campus Training

Campus board training is a great tool to improve your climbing. The idea is to repeat the basic pattern of movement on the campus board to increase your working strength. Campus training prepares students to begin their professional careers. Training can be conducted at the Institute campus or any other location through domain experts overseeing industrial development. Flexibility in schedules are add-on features for smooth transition of campus training; without causing any trouble in the pre-determined academic calendar. Participants in industrial training workshops receive exposure to work challenges and their effective solutions.

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Job-Oriented Course

Course content has been prepared under the strict supervision of professionals from the respective industries, who are focused on the needs of the market.

Project-Based campus training

Developing a domain-based live project helps students understand how to apply the principle in providing applications. Under expert mentor ship, coming up with effective solutions on real-life problems and error-free coding definitely instills confidence in the students.

Experts from Industry

Getting trained by experienced industry professionals. Get information on market scenario and latest trends.

Theory Practice

Draws a connection between theoretical concepts and their actual implementation in live scenarios. Practical exposure features facilities for acquiring on-the-job skills, proficiency in problem solving, and being prepared for the industry.

Job Placement Assistance

Upon successful completion of the training program, we also provide job-placement assistance to participants attempting to gain a foothold in competitive industries.